In September 2018 I quit my job and gave up my apartment. After 5 years of working for the federal government of Germany in financial supervision, it was time for a change… but where to? What else should I be doing?

I still don’t got answers to these questions. I do however know on an abstract level what I want to do in this lifetime. I want to realise my full potential on all levels – bodily, intellectually and spiritually – so that I may use the gained experiences and acquired knowledge to help others along their path. Help them to access that field of inner awesomeness, of love and bliss so they may too develop themselves and live a joyful and meaningful life.

Until know most of my big life decisions had been made on an intellectual level. So I thought, who might know better how to achieve my mission than life itself? I am therefore doing my own experiment, simply trying to go with the flow of life so it may lead me, in the most direct manner, to the places and times, that are most beneficial to evolution, that allow me to learn and be of help to others.

Now one of the first steps in this seems to be writing this blog. In the past years there have been numerous occasions, in which I had been asked to write something like this, share my thoughts on sustainable living, on spiritualism, on the experiences I encounter. However, due to my perfectionism and the fear I may fail to live up to my own and the expectations of others, I did not dare to do it. Up until now..!

So let this be the beginning of my blog. A blog about the cities and ancient sites I explore, about the encounters I make, about the realisations that manifest. There is no concrete plan. Or at least none which I comprehend. It is just a little experiment. One that helps me to express and share and, if it goes really well, even gives inspiration to some of its readers.

Enjoy 🙂