Lovely people, deep wisdom and ever increasing bliss

Just one day after my last day at work, I flew over to Bucharest, Romania to start my little adventure. The days before had been somewhat chaotic so I felt relieved, that finally the journey had begun.

In Bucharest I met up with some friends from Germany, so that we could depart together to  Mamaia, Romania to attend the International Young Meditators Course. Mamaia is a beautiful little land strip located at the Black Sea. We were very lucky to have both the beaches of the Black Sea, as well as a beautiful lake right next to the Hotel we were staying at.

Black Sea shores in Mamaia

We were welcomed with open hearts and thus began 10 beautiful days full of joy and deep meditation.

Transcendental Meditation

The International Young Meditators Course is an event, organised by the Global Country for World Peace. In this course young people from all over the world come together to practise Transcendental Meditation (TM), brought to the world by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

TM is a simple to learn technique with profound effects. Not only is it joyful to do, but you can actually witness the transformation you undertake, expanding your consciousness and living a more joyful life. It is taught one on one by a certified teacher. After receiving your mantra, you continue to practise twice a day for 20 minutes. Having tried different techniques before, I stuck with this one as it provided a systematic and effortless access to that inner field of absolute bliss and silence. A field I had formerly tapped into just by mere chance.

On such a course the routine consists of three main ingredients: deep prolonged meditations and Yoga, knowledge sessions, dealing with a variety of spiritual topics, and sharing the joy of togetherness.

Deep rounding and the group effect

Due to the support of both the environment and the experienced teachers, we were able to prolong our usual programme, during the course. We did two rounds in the morning and two more in the afternoon. One round consists of a set of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, TM and rest. The Asanas are easy to do and help to direct your awareness on your inner body, preparing you for the meditation. Being relaxed and warmed up, you continue with Pranayama, more specifically anuloma viloma, a breathing exercise. This breathing exercise increases the coherence of the brain and calms you down even further allowing you, in the most gently manner, to drift over to the meditation practise itself.

Being in a group, you are supported by each of its members. One might think that meditation was only an individual and exclusively inward directed technique, but on subtle levels you keep interacting with your environment. Diving into the deeper levels of your Self, you create a higher level of coherence, not just within, but around you as well. Now imagine being in a room with 50 people, each of them radiating peace and love, you might begin to understand the cumulative effect that is created. It is a silent and joyful atmosphere conducive to deep experiences.

With each day I began to shake away the stressful days before the journey and explored deeper states of being, feeling joyful and connected to everything that is.

High spiritual knowledge

Another beautiful aspect of the course were the knowledge sessions. Usually a tape of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi would be presented. Dealing with all sorts of topics, from higher states of consciousness, the concept of karma to practical day to day wisdom, like the proper way of communication. I enjoyed each of the tapes for the knowledge displayed stimulated my thirst for wisdom and gave practical advice.

One thing that really stuck with me is “Yogasthah Kuru Karmani” – established in Yog (Self, Being), perform action. To be established in Self, means that you are your true Self. It is that transcendent quality within yourself. When you dive deep in meditation you might access exactly that. It is rather vague in the beginning, difficult to comprehend, yet strangely familiar and peaceful. Experiencing this state on a regular basis, more and more of it will be integrated and become vivid within yourself. You peel of layer after layer of all the constructs that are built around yourself to eventually become your true Self. Being established in this state means that there are no more constructs, just you. You don’t worry about the future or past, about success or failure, you are simply present in the moment and from that state, you perform action. Stemming from that level of joy and silence, the resulting actions will be much more powerful and beneficial, not just for yourself but for everybody around you.

Friendships built

In the environment of the course this idea becomes ever more vivid. Experiencing that state of being on a daily basis, the creativity and joy rises and rises. In each conversation I had, I experienced deep connectedness and inspiration. It was actually during this course that I became more and more inspired to actually write this blog. But it is not just the deep mediation and conversation, but more so the prolonged walks on the beach, the swimming in the ocean, the music by the lake and the beautiful outing to the Danube Delta, that gave great joy and became the foundation of many new formed friendships.

It is a true delight to experience such an immediate connection with people from all around the world. Each of us has its own cultural and personal background, its story to tell, yet on the level of being we are all connected. 

My friend Dorian and me enjoying a most stunningly beautiful sunset

Connect and share the joy

It is that experience of connectedness that provides optimism for the time to come, for it is not just this little group of mediators that radiates love and positivity.

I think we can consider ourselves lucky to be part of this period, in which collective consciousness is on the rise. Now to boost this rise even further, I would deem it essential not only to create more of these groups, but to start connecting with others as well. Start to see the common purpose, regardless of your cultural background, of the meditation technique you practice and the religion or philosophy you follow. So we may experience together the joy of this life, as we did during this wonderful course. 

Group shot of the 2018 International Young Meditators Course

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